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Carol Craig with Donna Dewberry,
Creator of the One Stroke™
Painting Technique

Lots of New and Beginner Classes
for the New Year 2018
Live Online Art Classes
Print January 2018 Calendar:January2018ClassSchedulePDF.pdf
Print February 2018 Calendar:February2018ClassCalendarPDF.pdf  
Video Project Downloads/with 
Epackets   are  available for the
 price noted next to the photogra ph
in the Epacket/Videodownload folder.  
Contact Carol at craigdaisy@aol.com
for information and ordering !
  I will help you   set up your Zoom online software.    
Ever heard of Margot's Mud ?  It's a
liquid glass that can be brushed into floral designs
and shapes.  I am incorporating  this technique with painting
for some fun projects....email me for info.  I'm holding classes
Mud Kit availablewww.margotclark.com
Email me:  craigdaisy@aol.com to register ! 
Epackets for  Most Projects Available
$11.00 or $16.00  (PDF Format)
  Level 1 and Level 2  And wOil
Certifications AT Home  and
Available with Live online
Instruction via Zoom
I invite you to join my
or like my
   Private Painting Classes by appointment
at  my
Home Studio and Classroom
   near St . George, Utah

     OSCI Certifications~ Live Online    


I will also  be teaching the One Stroke Painting and  
Mudding (texture glass medium)  technique in my Home Studio  and
  Classroom in Dammeron Valley near St. George, Utah by appointment. We will be
 learning the One Stroke Painting Technique and More  that teaches you
  how to do basic painting and adapt that to a variety of surfaces:
canvas, wood, glass, fabric, and using acrylic, enamel, fabric,
 and wOil paints. 

Would you like to learn  to paint some of the designs shown here?
How would you like to be able to paint on canvas, wood, fabric, glass, and walls, and be able to paint a design following your very first lesson ? Even if you are one of those people who say. “I Could Never Do That”, you have come to the right place.

 The One Stroke Painting technique was developed 20 years ago by Donna Dewberry. Thousands of people have learned to paint using her easy method, and now you can too.

This web site will introduce you to the world of One Stroke painting and More  and Mudding and show you some of the results of learning these techniques. Photos of class projects, events, and announcements for the upcoming months can also be found here.